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6 Key Benefits of Booking a Conference Room for Your Next Meeting

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While the business world is using online platforms for meetings more actively, meeting and doing business in-person is often the preferred approach for building long-term relationships.  Moreover, delivering presentations in person in a large room is a great way for engaging in real-time interactions with an audience.  By booking a conference room, you can bring together your client, prospects and team members for an informative and interactive in-person session - whether it's a group webinar, client meeting or presentation.

Here are the top six benefits of booking a conference room for your next meeting.

1. Collaboration

Online meetings are fantastic when you’re working with clients or team members who are not based locally — or when you’re doing an informal catch-up.

However, communication and collaboration just aren’t the same over a screen.  Face-to-face meetings are better for interacting with one another, giving and receiving feedback and enjoying a good ol’ banter.

A conference room gives you the space and the facilities you need to collaborate effectively with your team members.  You can bring employees or clients together, ensure that everyone is on the same page and come up with new ideas and solutions as a team.

2. Peace and Quiet

Chatter from tables around you, the hum of a coffee machine and sound from doors opening and closing are common distractions in a public area such as a coffee shop.  Even communal office spaces such as a coworking space can be disruptive, since people are constantly coming and going.  In contrast, a conference room offers peace.  It’s a place where you can focus primarily on work and discussion.  This means less time wasted on unnecessary distractions.

Your business and your team can be more efficient and more productive in a conference room.

3. Privacy

While you can host a meeting in a nearby restaurant or an open-plan office, such a place doesn’t offer the privacy you and your clients need.

When discussing confidential or sensitive information, a conference room is the clear choice.  You don’t want anyone to accidentally overhear details that aren’t intended for their ears.

Also, bear in mind that some people are more self-conscious than others.  If you want open discussion, with lots of input from your client or team, a dedicated conference space provides the ideal environment to elicit this.

Everyone in a conference room meeting can speak freely, knowing that those four conference walls enforce complete privacy.

4. Equipment

When you use a conference room for your business meetings, you can be confident that you have all the equipment and facilities you’ll likely need.  You will have a secure Wi-Fi connection in a conference room, plenty of table space and seating, and the equipment you need for conference calls or presentations.  Tools such as a printer, photocopier and scanner will also be within reach.

Having access to all these things close to hand is convenient, but it also relieves stress.  Whatever unexpected situation comes up, you know you can adapt and keep things running smoothly, because everything you need is readily available.

5. Space

Tired of crowding laptops around a small coffee shop table?  Or, do you find yourself squashed into a spare bit of office space for team catch-ups?  Booking a conference room or venue is a great solution to space issues.  No matter how many people you have for a meeting, a conference room offers plenty of seating and desk space.  When everyone feels comfortable, it’s much easier to focus on the business of the day.

6. Amenities

Using a conference room for your meetings means you can often enjoy additional services which are helpful to both you and your clients.  Amenities such as easy parking, catering and office support help meetings run without a hitch.  A front-of-house team may also be able to support your visitors in finding the conference space, offering a great first impression from the very beginning.

Now that you know the key benefits of booking a conference room, what are you waiting for? Inquire about our conference rooms at Saskatoon Inn & Conference Centre to learn about our facilities, amenities and more!