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Top 5 Arts and Cultural Activities You Should Visit in Saskatoon

Top 5 Arts and Cultural Activities You Should Visit in Saskatoon

Saskatoon is celebrated for its stunning landscapes and vibrant cultural scene, making it a must-visit destination for art enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. From captivating theaters to lively festivals, Saskatoon offers a diverse range of arts and cultural events sure to delight visitors. Here are five top-notch activities to add to your itinerary for an unforgettable experience in Saskatoon! (For convenient access to these cultural events from out of town, consider booking your stay at our hotel located near the Saskatoon airport!)

Broadway Theatre

Located along the busy Broadway Avenue in the vibrant Nutana neighborhood of Saskatoon, the Broadway Theatre is a well-known establishment of artistic excellence and community spirit. As Canada's sole community-owned non-profit repertory cinema, Broadway Theatre takes pride in offering a unique cinematic and performance experience to its diverse audience.

With a seating capacity of 430, including six wheelchair-accessible stations, the theatre boasts a distinctive layout designed to deliver the magic of live performances and captivating films. The stage, fashioned in classic proscenium style, provides a versatile platform for artistic expression.

Remai Modern

With its distinctive architecture and forward-thinking approach, Remai Modern sets the stage for immersive experiences and creative exploration. Featuring 11 gallery spaces and a diverse array of programs including film screenings, workshops, and engaging talks, Remai Modern offers something for art enthusiasts of all ages.

The Cameco Learning Studio within Remai Modern serves as a hub for hands-on art-making activities, inviting visitors to unleash their creativity in an inspiring environment. Meanwhile, the Art & Design Store delivers a unique shopping experience, showcasing a curated selection of locally inspired treasures.

For those seeking culinary delights, Shift restaurant on Remai Modern's ground floor offers brunch and dinner, allowing guests to indulge in a feast.

Gordon Tootoosis Nikaniwin Theatre

The Gordon Tootoosis Nikaniwin Theatre Company is renowned for Aboriginal performance and mentorship. Dedicated to empowering youth through the performing arts, the award-winning theatre company fosters creativity while promoting inter-racial understanding.

Join the audience in celebrating cultural diversity, artistic excellence, and the boundless potential of our youth at the Gordon Tootoosis Nikaniwin Theatre Company.

Children's Festival of Saskatchewan

For over 35 years, Children’s Festival of Saskatchewan has been a beloved tradition in the hearts of Saskatchewan's children, families, educators, and caregivers. The four-day extravaganza, held at the Kinsmen Park, is a celebration of play in all its forms, where imagination knows no bounds and learning takes center stage.

As gates swing open, thousands of eager faces flood in, ready to dive into a world of cultural exploration, artistic expression, and boundless fun. From unique performances to interactive workshops, the festival offers experiences tailored for kids.

But the magic doesn't stop at the park gates. Through the free online programming, children across Saskatchewan can join in the festivities from the comfort of their homes, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to partake in the joy of discovery and creativity.

At the Children’s Festival of Saskatchewan, inclusivity is at the heart of everything we do. The festival takes pride in its multicultural programming, designed to celebrate diversity and embrace children of all orientations and abilities. The festival’s commitment to promoting children’s mental health and fostering a sense of belonging ensures that our programs remain accessible to all, developing a community where every child can thrive and learn together.

Persephone Theatre

Established in 1974, Persephone Theatre has evolved into a cultural icon, earning its place as one of Canada's largest theatres and Saskatchewan's premier artistic institution. Founded by visionaries Janet and Susan Wright, alongside Brian Richmond, the theatre's inaugural artistic director, Persephone Theatre has left an indelible mark on Saskatoon's vibrant arts scene.

In 2007, Persephone Theatre embarked on a new chapter with the inauguration of its state-of-the-art facility at the Remai Arts Centre in River Landing. This move marked a significant milestone in the theatre's journey, providing a platform for artistic innovation and expression.

Today, Persephone Theatre's offerings have expanded to encompass a diverse range of programming, including a six-play Main Stage series, a dynamic three-play second stage series known as The Deep End, and an engaging lineup of six productions tailored for youth, including a provincial tour.

As champions of creativity and cultural enrichment, Persephone Theatre remains dedicated to nurturing local talent and fostering the development and production of new works by Saskatchewan playwrights. With each performance, Persephone Theatre continues to captivate audiences, ignite imaginations, and further its commitment to excellence in the arts.