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5 Bars You Should Check Out in Saskatoon!

Several people holding up pitchers, as cheers, at the bar.

Discover the vibrant drink scene in Saskatoon, where a history of thirst and a passion for libations converge.  While the city's roots as a Temperance Colony in 1882 didn't stick, the thirst for great drinks remains.  Whether you're a beer enthusiast or prefer exploring the local spirit market, Saskatoon has something to offer.

Immerse yourself in the craft beer culture and expand your palate with unique creations like Saskatchewan lentil cream ale and wheat beer.  Experience the artistry of local mixologists who craft exquisite cocktails using homegrown spirits, berries, and herbs.  From upscale lobby bars to intimate downtown venues, Saskatoon's mixologists will delight your taste buds and set the stage for a memorable night out.

Hidden gems throughout the city offer a plethora of craft beer, artisanal cocktails, and an extensive wine selection.  Saskatonians are known for their lively spirit and the ability to make any gathering unforgettable.  Soak up the energetic atmosphere and embrace the local party culture.  Just remember to plan a safe ride back to your accommodation, ensuring a responsible and enjoyable evening after you’ve checked into your airport hotel in Saskatoon.

1. Garden Lounge at Saskatoon Inn

For a more casual and laid-back ambiance, be sure to visit the Garden Lounge. Enjoy a relaxed breakfast, lunch, or dinner in a welcoming setting.  From hearty breakfast classics to satisfying comfort food and flavorful international cuisine, the Garden Café offers a diverse menu that is sure to please every palate.

When it's time to unwind, head to the Lounge and enjoy a refreshing drink in a stylish and relaxed setting.  The Lounge offers a diverse drink menu, including signature cocktails and a well-curated wine list.  Sit back, socialize, and savor your favorite libations.

Whether you're staying at the Saskatoon Inn or looking for an exceptional dining experience in Saskatoon, our restaurants deliver impeccable service and culinary delights.  Join us and indulge in unforgettable dining moments that will leave a lasting impression.

2. Shelter Brewing Company

Shelter Brewing Company prides itself on its passion for brewing top-quality craft beer using only the finest ingredients sourced locally and globally.  The brewing’s team of skilled and innovative brewers is dedicated to crafting a diverse range of beers that cater to a wide array of tastes and preferences.  From refreshing lagers to hop-forward IPAs and rich stouts, each sip reflects their commitment to excellence and creativity.

The Shelter Brewing taproom is designed to be a sanctuary for beer lovers and social butterflies alike.  With a warm and welcoming ambiance, our space offers the perfect setting to connect with friends, family, and fellow beer enthusiasts.  Whether you're savoring a pint at the bar, lounging on our outdoor patio, or engaging in lively conversations in one of our cozy nooks, you're sure to feel at home at Shelter Brewing Company.

3. St. Tropez Bistro

Since its establishment in 1979, St.  Tropez Bistro  has been an integral part of Downtown Saskatoon's vibrant dining scene.  Originally situated on 3rd Avenue South, the restaurant found a new home in 1998, relocating to the historic Hanson Building on 2nd Avenue South, which had previously housed the first Saskatoon branch of The Bank Of Nova Scotia.  This century-old building exudes character and charm, providing the perfect ambiance for The Bistro to flourish.

In 2015, the bistro's story expanded beyond the city limits, with the acquisition of a beautiful piece of land southwest of Saskatoon, along the serene South Saskatchewan River.  Here, Cher & Jay, the owners of St.  Tropez Bistro, spend their days off, immersing themselves in gardening, foraging, and basking in the beauty of prairie sunsets.  The connection to nature and the surrounding landscapes has always been a deep source of inspiration for the ethos of the bistro.

In 2019, their love for crafting inventive cocktails and exploring unique whiskies gave birth to Parlor, a new venture that perfectly complemented the essence of the bistro.  Like St.  Tropez Bistro, Parlor also draws inspiration from life on the prairies and utilizes ingredients sourced from their very own gardens.

4. The Bassment

The Bassment is Saskatoon's premier jazz club and live music venue, where rhythm and melody fill the air, creating a captivating experience for music enthusiasts of all kinds.  Located in the heart of downtown Saskatoon, The Bassment is a haven for music lovers seeking exceptional performances in an intimate and inviting setting.

As you step into The Bassment, you'll be greeted by the inviting ambiance that emanates from its warm and welcoming interior.  The club's cozy and intimate atmosphere provides the perfect backdrop for a night of live music that will transport you to a world of soulful tunes and unforgettable performances.  This is a must-visit when you’re in Saskatoon!

5. Sports On Tap

Sports On Tap is Saskatoon's premier sports bar and the ultimate destination for sports enthusiasts seeking an unrivaled game-watching experience.  Located in the heart of Saskatoon, our sports bar is a vibrant and welcoming haven for fans of all ages and sporting interests.

The bar has over 60 TVs including two 14-ft LED video walls, ping pong, VLTs, pool tables, pinball, and the Dog Pound VIP Room!  Whether it's the Super Bowl or a quiet Monday night with a little 8 ball, Sports On Tap delivers a clean, friendly atmosphere with tons of FREE Parking.  The bar strives to bring each customer the best in casual dining and sports entertainment.  Join them for cold drinks and delicious food in a great sports atmosphere!